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Get to know Canada – Life in Canada

Canada may be very different from your home country. Canada is a vast and huge country, the second largest in the world and therefore there is enough to travel. Canada has an enthralling landscape and a multi-faceted history. Not only is there a huge collection of scenery, but also a diverse populous. But where do you begin? Here the blog listed here that will give you a taste of what this country has to offer and there is a great deal to learn about and explore before you arrive here. These pages will introduce you to essential features of this country, such as the way of life.

Most Popular Canada Food and Drink

Food in Canada differs from place to place and is traditionally changed by Canada’s colonial past. In spite of, as more immigration increased day by day and more and more nationalities came to settle and work in Canada, its food has reflected this; for example, the Asian, German, American and Japanese cuisine is now available all over Canada. More popular food in Canada is:
Labatt Blue
Maple syrup
May West
Dill pickle chips
Nanaimo Bars
Smoked meat
Traditionally, Canadian food is quite simple and stuffing, based on everything is locally available; for example, beef in Alberta and fish in the Atlantic Provinces.

Things to Do | Tourism in Canada

Canada has a huge international and domestic tourism place and is a famous tourist target all year round. The main tourist destinations in Canada are its major cities; Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Quebec City and Ottawa. Canada is also very famous for a national park, in Canada; there are 38 national parks that’s way all people are gathered here to enjoy the beauty of Canada. Ancient forest is a very popular tourist destination.
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