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About our immigration consulting

Spire Immigration is the one-stop solution for all your educational and immigration needs varying from decision making to arriving in the countries of your choice.
Spire immigration consultancy/ consulting is located in Mohali/ Chandigarh since ______

We specialize in immigration, education, and employment law services. At spire immigration, we can assist you to make your dream of education goals, new career opportunities and attaining the lifestyle you wish live into reality. If you dream to visit, study, work, or migrate to a different country, we are a one stop solution to make your dreams come true.

We offer consultation and representation of your visa applications. Visit us and talk to immigration advisor at spire immigration regarding your educational and immigration needs. We work on your behalf to provide you the peace of mind and assure the best possibilities of your success.

Our Mission

We strive to provide cost effective and smooth solutions to all your immigration and education needs. With our professional approach, we aim to deliver reliable and efficient services to our clients in their visa applications.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide super tailored services to meet the needs of

  1. professionals seeking better career opportunities and life in different countries
  2. students looking to pursue their studies overseas
  3. couples and families aspiring to migrate and live in different countries
  4. all sorts of other visa requirements.

Why Spire Immigration?

We have extensive experience in helping our clients and offering specialized immigration services. Spire immigration consultancy is one of the best student, spouse, canada & australia pr visa consultants in mohali, Chandigarh & punjab.

We have helped numerous students to explore visa prospects in various courses in different countries
Offer services of processing, application, and filing of documents for visa purposes on behalf of those who want to migrate abroad.
We Follow a holistic approach to provide quality education in a peaceful study environment to make study easier.
We file visa applications for different countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, the UK, Singapore and more.


We have an amazing team of diverse employees who are focused, communicative, result oriented, hard working and passionate in all the work we do.

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Love Verma

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