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New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful multicultural nation located on an island in south west of Pacific Ocean. Full of amazing beaches and scenic places, it has gained a wide spot as one of the most visited tourist places. It offers a phenomenal lifestyle, safe and stable living conditions and multicultural society that attracts migrants from various parts of the world from many years. Being one of the peaceful and safest country in the world, it provides extensive career opportunities for the skilled migrants.

Study in New Zealand

New Zealand has one of the best education systems in the world. It provides a safe learning environment with exceptional learning possibilities and support for international students. New Zealand is famous for its early childhood education. There are many courses available for professional, academic and Vocational Studies at various universities, colleges, polytechnics and private training institutes.

Work Pemits

New Zealand has a large number of industries undergoing shortage of skilled employees and that provides vast opportunities to skilled professionals from other countries to work in New Zealand. Being a market-based economy, it focuses mainly on international trade with countries like Australia, the United States, European Union, China, Japan and South Korea.

Business Immigration

New Zealand is one of the most perfect countries that offers transparent and stable environment for investment and business. The category of business immigration is specially designed to promote and encourage the foreign investment and business in New Zealand to increase and develop the economy here. Government of New Zealand encourages and support businessman from other countries to establish their business in New Zealand.

Family Sponsorship

Immigration New Zealand allows the individuals who are citizen of the country or permanent residents to file visa applications for their family members or legal partners who can join them and work in New Zealand upon successful completion of their visa applications.