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Singapore is a wonderful country having a world-class infrastructure and a high quality of Living. Singapore has diversity in population comprising of people from different parts of the world. The Healthcare facilities here are among the best in the world. Singapore is a much-desired destination for investors and business people as it is the number one investment destination in Asia and second in the world. Safe environment, stable government, strong economy and sprightly lifestyle has made Singapore a Everlasting favorite of people from different parts of the world looking for a better quality of life and economic prosperity.

Study in Singapore

Although Singapore is a small country but it has extremely stable and booming economy. Students choose it as their study destination because of the endless opportunities it offers. Singapore has many reputed world class international universities that provides high quality education and encourage independent learning amid students. The educational institutions and universities are a perfect mix of remarkable religious and cultural diversity.

Work Pemits

Singapore is a powerful Centre of business activity. The stable increase of multinational companies in the country is increasing the demand for more and more professionals, creating strong job opportunities for students seeking work after completing their education from Singapore. The foreigners who wish to work in Singapore must have a valid work visa. The work permit allows skilled or Semi skilled workers from other parts of the world to work in certain sectors.

Business Immigration

Singapore is one of the worlds best place to do business and there are immense benefits of migrating business to Singapore as the country is well known for its ease of doing business, Pro business policies, attractive tax framework, robust IP protection, strategic geographical location, excellent connectivity with the world’s largest emerging markets and comprehensive trade agreements with more than hundred regions of the world. Singapore is also an excellent financial hub with the access to private and government funding.

Family Sponsorship

The Singapore immigration authority accepts applications for spouses, unmarried children and aged parents of permanent residents or citizens of Singapore. With the launch of e-PR (electronic permanent residence) system for PR applications, all applicants can access e-PR system and fill in the required information in electronic application forms which gets processed in four to six months or even longer in some cases.